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Welcome to HD44780.biz

Headquartered in  San Diego, California, we are specialist in the design and manufacture of the popular HD44780 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).  Customers from around the world and in various industries have trusted us to provide them with high quality displays and solutions. 

Manufactured at our ISO9001 certified factory and backed with an unprecedented 18 month warranty, you can be assured that our products will meet your high quality standards.

Industries Serviced
Our customers include people from the medical, industrial, multimedia, consumer, universities as well as hobbyists.  We offer the same high standards of service whether you buy 1 LCD or 1000’s of LCD’s

Fast Delivery
Our inventory is in  San Diego, CA , so you can go from order to door in as little as 1 day.


Higher quality, higher expectations, unsurpassed service, that is what you can expect when you choose HD44780.biz for your LCD requirements.


HD44780 16x1 Blue LCD


As low as


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16X1 character LCD with the HD44780 type controller already integrated for easy 4 or 8 bit parallel interfacing.  Bright white text on blue background.  STN technology with LED backlight for night viewing.

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20x2 HD44780 character LCD

20x4 Blue HD44780 chatracter LCD



HD44780 20X2 Blue LCD with LED backlight

HD44780 20x4 Blue LCD with LED backlight






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